Remote reading

These days, electricity consumption is metered with smart meters. With smart meters we can serve our customers even better.

Smoother service

With remotely read meters, we are able to collect a lot of information about energy consumption. We can use this information to carry out predictive maintenance measures in the electricity network, which will further reduce power cuts. Management of electricity supply outages will become increasingly efficient. Furthermore, you will no longer have to submit meter readings.

In electricity connections and disconnections related to the start and end of electricity contracts, electricity can be connected and disconnected via remote connection. Electricity will be connected and disconnected automatically according to the period of validity of the electricity contracts.

With remote reading, it is easier to identify personal energy-saving areas with the Sävel Plus service. With the service, you can monitor your own electricity use even at the hourly level.

Clear electricity bills

As a result of remote reading, your electricity consumption data is always up-to-date even before the bill is sent out. We offer reading-based billing in accordance with actual usage instead of the old estimated and balancing bills. That way, any energy savings will show directly in euros on the electricity bill of customers using electric heating.

Frequently asked questions about remote reading

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For safety reasons, we have not reconnected your electricity because an electrical appliance has been left on. Please make sure that all electrical appliances are switched off at the time of reconnection. For example, items left on a cooker or sauna stove are a fire risk.

N.B. You are personally responsible for safe reconnection.

When you are at the place of electricity use, you can switch the power on yourself by responding to the text message with ‘Helen K’.

If your electricity meter is located inside your home, the main switch must be in position I in order to get a connection to the meter. If you do not want to reconnect your electricity with a text message or if you have questions related to remote connection, please contact our customer services at 09 617 8010, open 24/7. (call charges).

The sound is connected to the automatic checking of the operational readiness of the Landis&Gyr remote connection/disconnection device. The check is carried out once during a 24-hour period, and the time is determined by the time of last use of the remote connection/disconnection device or when the electricity has been switched off from the meter. The time of checking moves forward by about five minutes every 24-hour period. The time of the click can be moved to a more suitable time either by switching the electricity off for a moment with the control button in the meter or from the main switch of the home. Thus, the next testing of operational readiness will take place after 24 hours.

Smart meters are extremely accurate in reading electric energy. The meters are subject to extremely stringent technical requirements and the level of their information security is high. The metering equipment is tested at the factory and in field conditions before the installations start. Remote reading also enables automatic condition monitoring of the metering devices, and faulty meters can be quickly replaced. 

The best way to monitor consumption is to use our Sävel Plus service.