Reading the electricity bill

We have compiled instructions on how to read the electricity network service bill. If you still have any questions about the bills, please contact our customer services.

How to read your electicity network service fee

1. Bill information Bill number, due data and reference number.

2. Customer information When you contact our customer services, you will need one of the reference numbers of your bill: customer number, contract number, bill number or metering point ID. Customer-related details are found in the same place.

3. Contract details The contract number, validity of the contract and the billing details for the contract have been grouped together.

4. Actual electricity usage Shows electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours and euros for the billing period.

5. Breakdown of total charge Shows the share of value added tax of the total charge of the electricity bill and the total charge without value added tax.

Page 2: Itemised consumption bill

6. Invoice information
Seller of the network service and network service product

7. Itemised bill
Itemisation of the electricity network service, based on the electricity consumption. The itemised rows show the product component, period for which the consumption is measured, amount of actual electricity consumption (kWh), unit price and total of the row in euro.

The electricity tax will be invoiced in connection with the electricity network service, in other words, electricity transmission. The electricity tax consists of the excise tax and the strategic stockpile fee. These charges will be shown on separate rows in the itemised bill. The excise tax for electricity and the strategic stockpile fee are collected for all electrical energy distributed to customers through the distribution network.


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