Order an electricity connection to a detached house

If you are building your own house, you will need an electricity connection from your local electricity network company. Usually, you should order the electricity connection already at the start phase of construction, immediately after you have been granted the building permit. In Helsinki, the electricity connections are provided by Helen Electricity Network Ltd. You can order the construction of the installations on the plot from your own electricity contractor or Helen Electricity Network Ltd’s contractors.

An electricity connection to a detached house

Plan your property's electricity with your electrical contractor and electrical designer. Choose together the main fuse size that your house needs. You will receive information from Helen Electricity Network on where the connection to your lot will be built from the electricity network.

Connection fee
2 750,00 - 4 300,00 € (VAT 24%)

Main fuse size
25 A - 63 A

Order now

This is how you can order a connection:

Order the connection
Submit the electricity connection order through the e-service. Attach the electrical plans of your property connection to the order. Please read below what you need to complete the order.

Sign the connection contract
Helen Electricity Network will approve the order and sign the connection contract with you. You can sign the connection contract through the e-service.

Agree on the commissioning date
Report your desired commissioning date to Helen Electricity Network.

Agree on the details concerning construction
A representative of Helen Electricity Network will contact you or your representative about the details regarding the construction of the connection.

Sign the electricity contract
Sign the electricity contract with your preferred electricity supplier.

Metering order (contractor submits)
The electricity contractor who did the electrical installations for your house will order the metering. The metering will be carried out when electricity has been connected to the board to be measured and the electricity contract for the site signed.

Connection is ready
You can start using electricity!

What information do I need to make the order?

  • Parcel number of the property to be connected
  • Main fuse size (ask your electrical designer or contractor)
  • Contact information of the electrical contractor (you can deliver this information also at a later stage)
  • Layout showing the location of the main distribution board
  • Occupancy agreement if the plot is divided