Temporary electricity connection

A temporary connection is drawn up as a fixed-term connection mainly for two years at a time. A temporary electricity connection is suitable, for example, during construction work.

Order temporary connection


The temporary subscription is in use for a specified period of time, usually a maximum of two years. On a case-by-case basis, a temporary connection can be used for longer if, for example, a construction site has been in operation for more than two years.

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This is how you do it

Ensure the connectivity of the temporary connection
The connectivity of the temporary connection must be checked once the required size of the connection is known. On the basis of the location and connection size, we will check whether the connection can be connected to the current network.

Order a temporary connection
If your preferred connection can be connected to the network, submit the order through Helen’s electricity network ordering system. A temporary connection contract will be concluded for a set period of time during the ordering.

The electrical contractor will order the connecting and metering
Your own electrical contractor is responsible for the main distribution board and the installation and earthworks related to the temporary connection cable at the connection point designated by us. The electrical contractor orders the metering and connection through the Contractor’s Online system.

Sign an electricity contract with your preferred electricity supplier
Your electricity supplier finds the location number by the address.

We will process the metering order and order the temporary connection for the board from our partner contractor.
Our partner contractor will agree on the precise schedule for the connection of the temporary board with your electrical contractor. The connection order will be forwarded to our contractor once you have signed the electricity contract.

The temporary connection is made
We will connect the branch line installed by your contractor at the electricity network connection point and install an electricity meter to the board on the date agreed with your contractor. After this, we will invoice the temporary connection and any additional cable connections in accordance with our service price list. The invoicing will start on the day of the meter installation.

Termination of the temporary connection
Submit the order for the termination of the temporary connection through our ordering system. We will disconnect the connection and remove the electricity meter, after which the invoicing will end. The customer is responsible for disassembling the temporary line once the temporary connection is disconnected.