E-invoice is a secure, convenient and eco-friendly way to receive and pay bills. You will receive your invoice in electronic format (e-invoice) to your online bank where you can check, pay, archive or print the invoice.

Choose the secure and ecological e-invoice

By choosing the e-invoice, you can receive your invoices securely and quickly. An e-invoice is an electronic invoice that is delivered directly to your online bank, where it is easy to check and approve.

After the payment transaction, many online banks ask whether you would like to receive your invoice as an e-invoice next time. If you answer yes, a confirmation form pre-filled with the invoice information will appear on the screen. By accepting this, you will get your invoices as e-invoices in the future.

If your online bank does not have this service, you can start receiving e-invoices by following these steps.

You can also start receiving e-invoices as follows:

Log into your online bank

Search for Helen Sähköverkko Oy (Helen Electricity Network Ltd) in the list of e-invoice senders in the online bank.

For the e-invoice order, you will need the reference number found on your latest invoice.

Note! In most banks, it is possible to order an SMS or email notification when an invoice has arrived. The notification is a helpful tool for remembering to pay your e-invoices.