Information on electricity shortages

Electricity must be produced at all times at the same rate as it is consumed. An electricity shortage is a situation where the production of electricity and foreign imports are insufficient to cover consumption. In this event, the use of electricity must be temporarily restricted by carefully preplanned rotating power outages. These will be rotated in the Helen Electricity Network area as approximately one-hour power cuts until the electricity shortage is over.

Basic information

Nationwide preparations for possible electricity shortages have been made, and the associated procedures have been well planned and practiced.

The national power balance and operational management are the responsibility of the transmission system operator Fingrid. Before rotating power outages are introduced, Fingrid has a number of measures it can take to resolve the situation. Power outages rotating area by area will be implemented only as a last resort.

An interruption caused by electricity shortages affects the supply of both electricity and heating.

In the event of electricity shortages, at Fingrid's request, Helen Electricity Network will implement restrictions on electricity usage in accordance with its contingency plan. The power outages will not affect functions critical to society, such as hospitals and emergency services. Housing is not critical to the functioning of society.

How will I know there is a power shortage?

You will probably hear about the shortage through the media, as it will be widely reported and publicised.

We will inform our customers about the rotating power outages due to a power shortage by text message. The message will say that the blackout is caused by a power shortage.

You will receive a text message before the power outage, if we receive information about rolling power outages sufficiently in advance. If not, we will send a text message when the power failure has started.

How can I reduce the likelihood of power shortages?

You can influence the likelihood of power shortages by keeping an eye on your electricity usage and reducing your consumption. It is particularly important to reduce your electricity usage during peak periods at 8–10 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.

Tips for saving energy

During an electricity outage due to a power shortage:

  • Keep the windows and doors closed. During the power outage, homes in apartment blocks, terraced houses and detached houses will not cool down significantly.
  • Avoid using water.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer doors closed. This way, your food will remain safe to use.
  • Avoid using the lift.