Art in electricity cabinets

We have been carrying out electricity cabinet painting projects around Helsinki for several years. Are you interested in participating in painting cabinets?

Apply for a painting permit

More art in the streetscape

We want to enliven Helsinki by decorating distribution boxes around the city. Helsinki has more than 7,500 distribution boxes, and some of them have been landscaped through different cooperation projects. By decorating the distribution boxes, we want to cheer up the streetscape, bring joy to the residents and prevent unauthorised graffiti.

Locations of the painted boxes

Spotting the art distribution boxes in the city is a fun activity. Check out the locations of the painted boxes on the map below as well as some pictures of the boxes.

Painted distribution boxes on the map

This is how the permit process progresses

Apply for the painting permit through the form at the top of the page.

Send a picture of your draft painting to the email address

We will process your application and inform you when the permit has been granted. We will process the applications in the order they arrive.

After you have received the permit, you can start painting.