Text message on power cuts

With the text message service of Helen Electricity Network, our customers can receive alerts about power cuts affecting their own place of electricity use. The service is free of charge to customers. 

Text message service

  • The text message service tells you about the start and end of a power cut.
  • Customers with a valid network service contract with Helen Electricity Network are automatically subscribed to the text message service.
  • Disruption alerts related to a place of electricity use can be requested for several different telephone numbers.
  • The text message service is free of charge. The text message required for registration costs the normal text message fee charged by the telephone company.
  • By subscribing to the service, you agree to the terms of contract for the service.
  • The service is only available to places of electricity use located in the distribution area of Helen Electricity Network.

Ordering and cancelling the service

  • You can subscribe to the text message service for several telephone numbers by sending a text message with a specified form to the service number 040 4800 444:

    HELEN TILAA [customer number] [metering point number].

  • The customer number and metering point number are found on your electricity bill. You will receive a text message confirmation after your subscription has been accepted. Please note: the text message must be sent from the phone on which you want to use the service.

  • The text message service can be cancelled by sending a text message to the service number 040 4800 444:

    HELEN PERU [customer number] [metering point number].
    Questions and feedback on the service can be submitted by email to hairiotiedotuspalvelu@helen.fi or on the feedback form.