News / 22.3.2024

Helen Electricity Network will not charge network service fees for April and May - about a hundred euros in savings for electric heating customers

Customers of Helen Electricity Network will receive unusually smaller bills for April and May, as we will not be charging the network service fees for these months. Customers will only pay the electricity tax based on consumption for April and May.

Helen Electricity Network's costs significantly decreased in 2023 when the national grid company Fingrid did not collect a portion of the national grid fees. Additionally, savings came from successful procurement of loss power. These savings make it possible for us to not charge for two months' fees. For a typical apartment dweller, this means a saving of 25 euros and for an electric heating customer, about 90 euros in savings. Customers will see this reflected in their bills between May and August, depending on their billing cycle.

"Our goal is to maintain Helsinki's affordable network service fees compared to other European capitals in the future, even though the electrification of society requires significant investments in the electricity network," says Markus Lehtonen, CEO of Helen Electricity Network.

Electricity networks enable the green transition

Electricity networks play a central role in the transition to a sustainable energy system. Heat production, which increasingly relies on heat pumps and electric boilers, requires extensive changes and investments in the electricity network. At the same time, electricity consumption is increasing as a result of the green transition, for example, with the electrification of transportation. Helen Electricity Network is committed to meeting these challenges and ensuring that the electricity network is ready for future needs.

We plan to invest about 400 million euros in Helsinki's electricity network over the next ten years. The investments will be directed towards expanding the city's electricity network and renewing the aging network to maintain its reliability. With a strong electricity network, we can ensure that the green transition has the energy it needs, the daily life of Helsinki residents runs smoothly, and society keeps functioning.

The growth in electricity consumption in Helsinki is driven by new construction, the electrification of transportation, and especially the electrification of heating.

The purchasing power parity-adjusted price of network services in European capitals without taxes. Source: VaasaETT