News / 5.2.2024

Markus Lehtonen appointed as a member of Helen’s Management Group starting from 1 February 2024

Helen Electricity Network Ltd’s CEO Markus Lehtonen has been appointed as a member of Helen’s Management Group starting from 1 February 2024. Markus has been serving as Helen Electricity Network Ltd’s CEO since 2019.

Helen Electricity Network plays a significant role in the implementation of Helen’s new strategy. As heat production is rapidly becoming increasingly electric and Helsinki is growing, the smooth operation of the electricity network will continue to play a major role in the future. Helen Electricity Network’s investment decisions are key to Helen’s heat production electrification, which is implemented with electric boilers, hydrogen and heat pumps.

– Helen Electricity Network’s extensive investment programme and construction needs require enhanced cooperation within Helen. Appointing Markus as a member of the Management Group is an example of the reinforcement of cooperation, and similar actions will be required at all organisational levels in the future, says Helen’s CEO Olli Sirkka.

Helen Electricity Network is responsible for planning, constructing, maintaining and repairing the electricity network in Helsinki. It is tasked with ensuring the reliable and uninterrupted distribution of electricity to residents and companies. In addition, it actively develops electricity networks to fulfill the future needs, such as electrification and new energy solutions.

In the future, Helen Electricity Network will be an even more central and strategic part of Helen’s operations. The unbundling requirements of the Electricity Market Act are complied with in the cooperation.