Switch on electricity at home

You have received a text message to switch on your electricity yourself. Follow instructions below.

For safety reasons, we have not reconnected your electricity because an electrical appliance has been left on

Please make sure that all electrical appliances are switched off at the time of reconnection. For example, items left on a cooker or sauna stove are a fire risk.

N.B. You are personally responsible for safe reconnection.

When you are at the place of electricity use, you can switch the power on yourself by responding to the text message with ‘Helen K’.

If your electricity meter is located inside your home, the main switch must be in position I in order to get a connection to the meter. If you do not want to reconnect your electricity with a text message or if you have questions related to remote connection, please contact our customer services at 09 617 8090 from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (call charges).