Sector cooperation

Helen Electricity Network aims to promote the research and development activities of the sector in cooperation with various organisations. With international and national operations, we gain innovative research direction for the benefit of the entire electricity network sector. Helen Electricity Network is active in the field of research and development in industry cooperation, e.g. in Cigre, Cired and the Electricity Research Pool.


CIGRE (the Council on Large Electric Systems) is an international non-profit organisation focusing on electrical power systems. At CIGRE, experts are working together in order to improve electricity systems now and in the future. CIGRE has 16 study committees, and the work carried out by the working groups under these committees and the study reports produced by them play a key role in the organisation’s operations. CIGRE holds a common Session every other year.


CIRED (Congrès International des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution, International Conference on Electricity Distribution) is an international non-profit organisation. Its operations focus on a biennial conference for the electricity distribution industry where researcher, network companies and equipment manufacturers publish the results of their research work. In the intermediate years, CIRED organises a smaller-scale Workshop.

Electricity research pool

The electric power engineering pool coordinates and develops research operations for the benefit of the parties to the pool. It also finances research and studies serving the parties in universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and expert organisations. This promotes international cooperation and the application of the results on a national level. All publications of the pool are public and distributed via the website of Finnish Energy. Helen Electricity Network is taking part in the operation of the electric power engineering pool.

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