Info about the company

Our task is to distribute electricity to Helsinki residents, equally to the customers of all energy companies. And our task is not only to distribute it, but to ensure that the electricity network is functioning well at all times and under all conditions.

We serve 400,000 customers in the capital region. In terms of customer numbers, we are Finland’s third-largest company focusing on electricity distribution. Our security of supply is outstanding as no less than 96% of our electricity network runs underground, safe from the whims of the weather. On average, a Helsinki resident has a power cut lasting 30 minutes only every ten years.

We play our part in taking care of the city and its appearance. Our substations are designed with due consideration for the environment, and some of our transformer substations and distribution cabinets have been landscaped through various art projects. Our operations are driven by a strong will to be a good neighbour to all Helsinki residents!

We are part of the Helen Group, which is owned by the City of Helsinki.

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