Electricity on temporary basis

A temporary connection is drawn up as a fixed-term connection mainly for two years at a time. A temporary electricity connection is suitable, for example, during construction work.

Order temporary connection

Ordering a temporary connection

1. When placing an order for a temporary connection for the first time, please read the price lists.

2. To find out the connection point of a temporary electricity connection, please contact the connection services of Helen Sähköverkko Oy (online form or by calling +358 (0)9 617 8086).

3. Place an order for a temporary electricity connection with the online form (in Finnish). Please let us know in the section for further information if you are unable to sign the electricity network connection contract electronically (using bank access codes). Based on the order, we will send you an electricity network connection contract for signing.

4. After signing the electricity network connection contract, the customer will draw up an electricity purchase contract with an electricity supplier of his or her choice.

5. The customer’s electricity contractor will build a temporary power connection line in accordance with the standards in force, usually as an overhead line, from the given connection point to the site distribution box.

6. The customer’s electricity contractor will submit a metering request for the site distribution box (M2 meter base is required) about one week before the desired connection day (Helen Sähköverkko connections services will receive the information about the need to connect the line at the same time). Please note that there must be a valid electricity purchasing contract at the site before metering is carried out.

7. Please notify Helen Sähköverkko connection services of the need to dismantle the temporary connection (Online form or +358 (0)9 617 8086) about one week before the desired disconnection.