Feed electricity to the network

With the instructions, it is easy and simple to connect a type-approved generation unit to the network.

Find out about permit requirements

Before purchasing microgeneration equipment, check with the building supervision authority whether you need a building and action permit. Also check out the Motiva guide

Send the documents

Please send the following documents to connection sales at Helen Sähköverkko.

  • Type, nominal rated capacity and nominal rated current of the installation
  • Details about connection equipment
  • Installation protection settings
  • Information of how isolated use has been prevented
  • Mode of use
  • Technical attachment

Reporting document (in Finnish)

Check the requirements and safety regulations

Before acquiring the generation installation, confirm with Helen Sähköverkko that the installation meets the requirements of the electricity network and the electrical safety regulations.

  • Please contact our Connection Service before making a decision on purchasing the installation in order to ensure that the generation installation is suitable for the place of connection.

  • Find out the type of equipment you are purchasing and send the information through online form.

  • The generation installation shall meet the technical safety requirements and it must not cause any disturbance to other users of the electricity network. The electricity producer is liable to pay damages if the installation causes damage to other users of the electricity network.

  • Only a skilled person with appropriate electrical installation permits may carry out the connection of the generation installation.