Distribution prices

The distribution fee consists of the costs of electricity distribution and maintenance of the electricity network – its repairs, development and upgrade and the construction of a completely new network.

Distribution prices in Helsinki

The electricity distribution price includes control of electricity network use and a 24-hour fault line, fault repair and telephone and online service. The network company is also responsible for metering your electricity consumption.

In addition to the electricity network company’s distribution fee, electricity distribution is subject to electricity tax, strategic stockpile fee and value added tax.

You cannot shop around for electricity distribution as it is purchased from the network operator of the area where the property is located. The operation of an electricity network company is regulated by the authorities. Helen Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in almost the entire Helsinki region.


Instructions for consumers in the settlement of disputes

If a dispute concerning a network contract cannot be settled through negotiation between the parties, the consumer may bring the matter before the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution.

The consumer must be in contact with the Consumer Advisory Service of the Local Register Offices before bringing the matter before the Consumer Disputes Board.

Electricity distribution terms of contract