Invoicing in the Helen Group

Helen Electricity Network Ltd only receives e-invoices. If you already have the option to issue e-invoices, please send your invoices to our Group companies as e-invoices starting from the next possible invoice.

Helen Electricity Network Ltd’s e-invoice addresses

The operator is Basware, operator ID: BAWCFI22.

Helen Sähköverkko Oy
Business ID 2035428-7
EDI identifier 003720354287

Reverse value added tax

We are not subject to reverse tax liability.


If you still have not started using e-invoicing, you can send e-invoices through the Basware Supplier Portal service. This requires an Internet connection and registration in the service. The service is free of charge. When you register in the supplier portal, you can send e-invoices to Helen Group companies and also to over 10,000 other organisations.

The service is aimed especially at small suppliers who do not have an invoicing system enabling e-invoicing. Banks, e-invoice operators and accountancy firms also offer several alternative methods for e-invoicing.

Register in the Basware Supplier Portal service 

Instructions for using the application (PDF)

In user/technical problems related to the Supplier Portal, please contact Basware with whom we have an agreement on user support for our customers. Telephone +358 209 3410 030, e-mail: