Join the electricity network

We take care of electricity distribution in Helsinki. Here you can read how to join our secure and reliable electricity network.

Join the electricity network

Liity Helen Sähköverkkoon

Building a new home or organising an event is a major project. One of the key elements of this project is connection of electricity to the site. An electricity connection is always provided by the local distribution system company. Properties located in the Helsinki region can join the distribution network of Helen Sähköverkko Oy, with the exception of the areas of Sipoo that were annexed to Helsinki on 1 January 2009.

Successful electrification requires good planning, functional implementation and a correctly dimensioned electricity connection. You should allow plenty of time for the electrification project. Please contact us in good time to ensure smooth progress of your plans.

How to join the electricity network


1. Instructions

Before placing the order for an electricity connection, low-voltage customers should read the builder’s guide (in Finnish). We also recommend that electrical designers and contractors read our instructions for contractors (in Finnish).



2. Planning 

It is worth starting the planning process as soon as the building permit documents are in order. It is also advisable to take into account that electricity is often needed already in the first stages of construction.


3. Connection contract

Before connecting a building to the electricity network, you need to sign the connection contract. For the contract, we need detailed information about the location of the site and the size of the main fuse. You can determine the location of the electricity connection with the help of the site plan or, e.g. a map reproduction in a rural area.


4. Electricity connection

An electricity connection provides a supply of electricity for continuous use in a residential building or in business premises.  For short-term electricity needs, we offer the electricity for builders service. A normal electricity connection may be suitable for single-family houses right from the beginning of the construction project. We also provide electricity for various events in the Helsinki region. Your main fuse size determines the electrical power you will require. Place an order for an electricity connection with electronic form.


5. Installation

To connect electricity to a building, you need a TUKES-approved electrical contractor to install, e.g. a connection cable in the cable ditch and a metering centre on the site. The electrical contractor will order the electricity meter for your metering point on your behalf.


6. Electricity sales contract

To start the supply of electricity, you need to sign a contract with an electricity vendor of your choice. The network service contract with Helen Sähköverkko will also enter into force upon signing the electricity sale contract.